Case application mixing it up

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Case application mixing it up

Liquid- Liquid Two Phase Flow and Transport Phenomena VisiMix bridges the gap that separates engineering practice from achievements in the field of mathematical simulation.

It provides chemical and process engineers with the ability to perform technical calculations based on the results of the most recent research and on mathematical modeling of mixing processes.

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VisiMix is based on the classical approach to the problems of applied hydrodynamics developed by Kolmogoroff, Hinze, and Levich in application to modern deterministic and stochastic physical models of mixing phenomena. Development of the first versions of the VisiMix programs is preceded by many years of systematical scientific research in the field of hydrodynamics, heat- and mass transfer and practical experience of designing and running of industrial mixing equipment of different volume and destination.

VisiMix programs are based on mathematical models and methods of calculations that have been developed as a result of these researches.

Development of these methods includes the following stages: The main results of the researches are published in scientific literature. Scientific Background Materials related to different VisiMix programs are listed above. Mixing Simulation software for Chemical and Process Engineers.

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Case application mixing it up

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Case application mixing it up

Solutions. Industry / Application; Case Studies; Preventing product mix-up. Assembly. When varying products are running on a single production line, product mix-up becomes a problem.

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