D leon inc case study donna jamison

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D leon inc case study donna jamison

History[ edit ] Founding and early years[ edit ] Bechtel's business activities began in when cattle farmer Warren A. Bechtel moved from Peabody, Kansasto the Oklahoma Territory to construct railroads with his own team of mules. Bechtel won his first subcontract to build part of the Oroville-to-Oakland section of the Western Pacific Railroad.

The company built roads, bridges, and highways throughout the western United States. The company worked on its first hydroelectric projects in the s for Pacific Gas and Electric Company in California.

Bechtel Company, [13] which by this time was the leading construction company in the western United States. Bechtel began working with California Standard Oil Company to build pipelines and refineries. Six Companies won the bid in March and construction on the dam began in the summer of He was succeeded by his son, Stephen Bechtel, Sr.

Under his leadership, the Hoover Dam was finished in The project was the largest of its kind in US history at the time and Bechtel's first megaproject.

The company had no prior experience in shipbuildingbut bid for the entire 60 ships. Bechtel also worked on a pipeline from the Yukon to Alaska called Canol for the United States Department of War during this time period.

D leon inc case study donna jamison

The company also focused on turnkey projects, a concept Stephen Bechtel, Sr. InBechtel began construction on what was then the world's longest oil pipeline, the Trans-Arabian Pipelinewhich began in Saudi Arabiaran across Jordan and Syriaand ended in Lebanon.

The company later built the United States' first privately financed commercial nuclear power plant, the Dresden Generating Stationfor Commonwealth Edison in Illinois in The company's multiple construction contracts helped to transform the area from a small village to a city with a population of over a quarter of a million people.

Bechtel was named president of the company. The year project was critiqued for rising costs and an increasing scope of work, as the Big Dig became more complex than was originally estimated.

Criticism of the project increased in when a leak sprang in one of the new tunnels. In the summer ofa faulty tunnel ceiling panel collapsed, killing a motorist. This was part of the overall effort to rebuild the infrastructure of Kuwait. As ofit is considered the most complex project in the United States.

For example, in the DOE Inspector General concluded that "Bechtel determined that there was a systemic problem and a breakdown in controls over the review of design changes", but that the company had taken steps to correct the problems.

Agency for International Development. The contract led to the company being accused of both non-competitive bidding and war profiteering. Bechtel and the Romanian National Roads Authority jointly agreed on a settlement to end the contract for works on the Autostrada Transilvania in The Albanian Motorway was opened to traffic in on schedule.

The documentary seeks to inspire young people to pursue engineering careers. The center also provides virtual training and augmented reality to train workers. The megawatt natural gas-fired power plant supplies electricity tohomes in northern Virginia and the Washington, D.- Bety Lou Elizabeth Albrite Johnson - (2/14/) - The Washington Post, Washington, D.C.

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See attached file. Mini case Donna Jamison, a graduate of the University of Tennessee with 4 years of banking experience, was recently brought in as assistant to the chairman of the board of Computron Industries, a manufacturer of .

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