Research on shizophrenia in india

Tanya Luhrmann and her colleagues investigated by interviewing twenty people diagnosed with schizophrenia living in San Mateo, California; twenty in Accra, Ghana; and twenty others in Chennai India. There were similarities across cultures, including descriptions of good and bad voices, but also striking differences. In San Mateo the interviewees talked about their condition as a brain disease, they used psychiatric diagnostic terms to describe themselves, and their experiences were almost overwhelmingly negative.

Research on shizophrenia in india

That just is not true. As a matter of fact, there is an entire list of people who have not only Research on shizophrenia in india normally, but exceedingly well to become famous celebrities who have contributed more to society than most people without any mental illness at all.

Schizophrenia Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre Delhi, India

I had no clue! Famous People with Schizophrenia When it comes to schizophrenia, famous people are no different than anyone else. The general public has a 1. So who are some of these famous folks who have joined the ranks of courageous people who have conquered schizophrenia?

John Nash — Perhaps the person who has made the most impactful contributions to society of the list is the mathematician John Nash. His case is so amazing that there was even a movie developed about his life called A Beautiful Mind. It was so well made that it was showered with awards and nominations.

His contributions include work in geometry and differential equations, although his most significant work is in the development of game theory. Within game theory, he was an important mathematics award for his recognition of the non-cooperative equilibria, which is now more commonly known as the Nash equilibria!

He experienced symptoms throughout most of his adult life and had periods of medication and periods where he refused, which resulted in his repeated institutionalization. Although he intended to become a skillful psychoanalyst, his college career was interrupted by repeated hospitalizations.

He ultimately died in a psychiatric institution at the age of 55 years old. He did retire from football but continued his career as a sports analyst until he developed the specific type of schizophrenia known as paranoid schizophrenia.

After almost ten years of struggling, he sought treatment and began to experience an improvement in his symptoms.

Mary Todd was his wife and first lady! Her schizophrenia included having beliefs that some would consider bizarre. After the death of their son, she spent their fortune paying psychics and mediums to attempt to contact her dead son in the afterlife.

Andy Goram — A professional soccer and cricket player who was positioned as goal keeper, he gained notoriety when he became under fire of political accusations regarding sectarianism and other related issues in the United Kingdom. Fans embraced his diagnosis of schizophrenia with a silly chant regarding multiple personalities, although that is not a symptom of schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia subtypes More The woman in the pale pink nightgown shrinks towards the bed. She rocks back and forth, her narrow back heaving.
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Vaslav Nijinsky — Possibly the most skilled male ballet dancer ever, he was also an accomplished choreographer. He was most known for his amazing leaps in the air and his rare ability do dance en pointe. His career ended due to the development of schizophrenia and he spent the remainder of his years in and out of asylums.

Rose Williams — An interesting case due to her relationship as sister to the playwright, poet, and author Tennessee Williams. He was diagnosed as a youth and spent most of her life institutionalized.

Her situation was so grim that her parents opted for a prefrontal lobotomy, which, of course, ended horribly. This resulted in her being incapacitated for the remainder of her days. Jack Kerouac — An accomplished novelist who led the Beat culture through its rise.

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It turns out that before his success as an author, he did a stint in the Navy. His records have been declassified and reveal his struggle with mental illness.

His diagnosis of dementia praecox, which is an older term for schizophrenia, led to his de-enlistment. Some say he faked these symptoms in order to be discharged.

Vincent Van Gogh — The world famous post-impressionist painter Van Gogh has been posthumously diagnosed by a number of professionals with a variety of illnesses, among those being schizophrenia.

His artwork was not well known at the time, but now he is regarded as one of the greatest of all time!

Research on shizophrenia in india

Louis Wain — Louis Wain is renowned worldwide for his many paintings and drawings of cats. After his crimes, he entered an insanity defense and the court-appointed psychiatrist diagnosed him as suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

This claim is under suspicion, but it is worthwhile to note that many conspiracies have risen surrounding the events of his life. William Chester Minor — This man contributed to the world in many ways, starting as an American surgeon for the army, and later as possibly the person with the most contributions to the Oxford English Dictionary.

He found many of the quotes that displayed the proper use of words! Celebrities with Schizophrenia More people will recognize these celebrities more than the famous people.

We all know the creative potential that can be unlocked by schizophrenia and this is evidenced by the long list of artists below who made great careers out of their art. Syd Barrett — Young folks and old both recognize the name Syd Barrett in association with his early membership with the highly successful band Pink Floyd.

His contributions included being the principal songwriter for the early albums. There is suspicion that his case was exacerbated by his use of psychedelic substances.Disorganized schizophrenia is a mental illness which causes the patient to lose touch with reality and behave in a nonsensical and inappropriate way.

Their speech, thoughts, and actions can seem.

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Research has shown that those with schizophrenia who receive early and intensive treatment have the best long term prognosis. In terms of the availability of medication for treating schizophrenia in India, both first and second generation antipsychotics (risperidone, olanzapine, clozapine, quetiepine, and sulpiride) are available at .

Tanya Luhrmann and her colleagues investigated by interviewing twenty people diagnosed with schizophrenia living in San Mateo, California; twenty in Accra, Ghana; and twenty others in Chennai India. There were similarities across cultures, including descriptions of good and bad voices, but also striking differences.

Schizophrenia is a major psychiatric disorder that not only carries significant morbidity and disability for the sufferer but also a major burden to the society in terms of cost of care. Schizophrenia in India 23/02/ – by Rangaswamy Thara, Sujit John Mental health resources in India are limited, just around psychiatrists are available for over a billion people.

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