What is moral obligation

Three Sources of Moral Obligations: The Root of Ethics A duty is an obligation to act in a certain way.

What is moral obligation

Conscience is what encapsulates these morals. It comes also from the heart, religion, family,environment, et cetera. DyRepresentn Post 22 In my opinion, I think morality is not just a religious thing.

I think it should come naturally. That bit should be destined in your heart to do the right thing. Say What is moral obligation car broke down on the side of a road. I would have to stop because it is destined in my heart to help them. I couldn't let them sit on the side of the road without any help.

However, some kids are beyond help, whether because of their parents being poor examples or a neurological condition. One kid in my class had parents who cared nothing for anyone but themselves.

His behavior reflected their values. He was mean, rebellious, and heartless. Another kid had wonderful parents who gave regularly to charity and helped everyone they knew who needed anything, but he was just as bad as the first kid.


It seemed that he either did not possess a conscience or had made it his goal in life to rebel against everything it told him to do.

OeKc05 Post 17 Some moral obligations are learned in elementary school and kindergarten. I remember being taught over and over to help people in need. I even recall a video we watched a long time ago in which kids acted out the scenes.

This video showed several examples of how we should respond when people need help, and though they were very obvious examples, I think that the use of a visual helped drill it into our minds.

What is moral obligation

One kid had forgotten his lunch money, so another kid shared food with him. I believe it did some good, and I think that it stuck with most of us, whether we remember it specifically or not. Some people call it a conscience. I define it as a direct connection to God.

However, because of my inner moral obligation, I feel a twinge of guilt every time I pass a stranded motorist. Even worse is passing a hitchhiker. He will actually look you in the eye with a begging expression.

H. A. Prichard and Jim MacAdam

Regardless of my moral pull to help these people, I know that preserving my life is the wisest choice I can make. I would be of no help to anyone in any situation if I were dead. It is so important for kids to help one another so that the power that the bully has over the child is significantly lessened.

It makes me really sad when I hear stories of kids being bullied and no one comes to the rescue to help. At least the kids could get a teacher or an administrator to help not just stand there and watch.

If more kids did this the bullying problem would not be what it currently is. But I wonder how many people are actually able to do that? How do you interact with a person or tolerate a person that has opposing values?

I think that people on the surface might seem like they are tolerating a person like this but in reality many people would not be able to do so. I had a similar situation happen to me.Oct 19,  · A moral obligation is a duty or responsibility someone feels honor-bound to perform because of personal beliefs and values.

This concept is explored in fields like philosophy, ethics, and psychology, where people are interested in the origins of human behavior and . To the question ‘What is the basis of moral obligation?’, argues that there is no general answer. It is improper to imply that all right acts are right for the same reason.

Before defending this view, considers two possible grounds for moral obligation: 1) the goodness of the effects of an action, and 2) the goodness of the act itself.

Moral Obligation. Another “first truth” of our existence in this world is that man is a subject of moral obligation. Just as in the case that every cause has an effect, in just the same way we can know that every man is under moral obligation. Definition of moral obligation in the monstermanfilm.com Dictionary.

Meaning of moral obligation.

What is moral obligation

What does moral obligation mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word moral obligation. Information about moral obligation in .

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Moral Principle as the Basis of Moral Obligation. The third source of moral obligation is moral principle, a standard of conduct that exists irrespective of laws or agreements. The third source of moral obligation is moral principle, a standard of conduct that exists irrespective of laws or agreements.

Define moral obligation. moral obligation synonyms, moral obligation pronunciation, moral obligation translation, English dictionary definition of moral obligation.

Noun 1. moral obligation - an obligation arising out of considerations of right and wrong; "he did it out of a feeling of moral obligation" duty.

Moral obligation legal definition of moral obligation